A Timeless Smoking Trip in a Historical Setting – the Bulldog Coffeeshop nr 90

A Timeless Smoking Trip in a Historical Setting – the Bulldog Coffeeshop nr 90

Self-proclaimed as THE coffee shop where the Dutch

social regulated weed consumption has been initiated, the Bulldog nr 90 offers

you a pleasant chilled environment in an old beautiful Amsterdam building for a

lovely afternoon or evening relaxation in the company of board games, great

music, and a friendly multi-cultural crowd. Take a stroll from your apartment,

and benefit from a chilled out pleasurable time during your short stay in


A trip to the free spirited liberal

Amsterdam will inevitably take you to the proximity of various coffee shops

where you can enjoy a relaxing time off by smoking the local marijuana. While

there are various such possibilities especially around the famous Red Light

District, some of them will naturally offer more interesting and colourful

experiences than others.

If you are keen in discovering where the

legal weed consumption has all started, a trip to the Bulldog Coffeeshop nr. 90

is a definite must on your itinerary. Located

in the heart of the Red Light District on the beautiful Oudezijds Voorburgwal

street, you will be immediately impressed as soon as you notice the outside facade

of the building with its large drawings of Amsterdam’s streets, its various

vivid Red Light District figures, and of course the abundance of bulldogs,

paying tribute to the coffee shops’ number one theme.

The atmosphere inside is closely

connected to the 1970’s initial scene keeping the style of the place when it

was first opened. As you step in, you will be welcome at the counter by a large

selection of weed types whose prices may be more expensive than the ones you can

find outside the centre but the interior environment and its location make up

for it surely. You can also purchase snacks, crisps, and chocolate to enhance

the flavour of your smoking time and calm those munchies down in the aftermath


On the ground floor, you can admire many

of the world’s currency papers dangling from the wooden beams or you can check

out the black and white photos showing the Red Light District’s streets and

buildings, and the various interesting posters floating on the walls. As you go

downstairs, you will have the chance to chill on the comfortable leather

couches, listen to the old style fun music or watch TV on large screens. On

sunny days, you can even get tanned while consuming the weed at the canal side

entrance of the Bulldog.

The audience coming to the Bulldog

consists of a mix of neighbourhood returning regulars as well as tourists

creating a special bonding multi-cultural vibe. The music is varied and usually

keeps a mellow tempo ranging from reggae, old rock, and pop hits. The place also

has a Wi-Fi connection so you can even chat to your friends back home

describing your special coffee shop experience although you may find it quite difficult

to focus after a few joints.

In light of its high prominence and prestige,

the Bulldog has gradually expanded with an additional famous venue being

located at the vibrant Leidse Square offering both a coffee shop in its

downstairs area, and a bar-club upstairs. The building itself used to be a

police station, and now hosts the only coffee shop night club in the

Netherlands thus allowing its visitors to enjoy some trippy music vibes in the

company of fellow stoners for a very mystical and funny experience. Perhaps the

most surreal aspect concerning the venue is the possibility to check its police

and criminal artefacts or to pass a little time in the prison cells after being

sold weed by the “officer” on duty.