PAN Amsterdam

PAN Amsterdam

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Amsterdam is an annual event organized in the charming and prosperous district

of Amsterdam-Zuid. It begins with the end of November (usually the third week;

in 2013 it is open from 24 November to 1 December for that matter) and attracts

hordes of art-lovers, exhibitors, designers and antique merchants. With its 25

years of existence, it has become the most significant national fair for art,

design and antiques and as such, it is a must-see not only for the plenty of

absolutely original items you may find on the spot, but also because of the

unusual atmosphere of this memorable happening.

The overall feel

If you

enter the Amsterdam RAI exhibition hall any other time of the year than late

autumn, you’ll most surely notice the business/museum-like atmosphere. This,

however, changes completely with the arrival of PAN Amsterdam fair. Expect to

witness some true resourcefulness in terms of decoration of the interiors –

plushy carpets lining the alleys, a range fluffy ornaments and lots of

classical motifs, but also an abundance of modern-day exhibits and intriguing

items scattered all over the premises of the fair. Though the occasion is a bit

formal – not to say snobbish, no particular dress code applies, but be prepared

to see some really ‘exotic’ outfits among the visiting crowd, which actually

adds to the appeal of this extraordinary event. Still, there are some

limitations on the access – cameras, umbrellas, large bags or backpacks are not

allowed on the premises; also, no art objects can be brought to the fair, even

for the purpose of evaluation.

Quality over quantity


from authentic Roman and Greek statues, through contemporary art and

photography and finishing with originals by the Old Masters, PAN Amsterdam is a

perfect place for art enthusiasts in search of surprise, quality, variety and

genuineness. Hundreds of exhibitors and art dealers gather for this special

occasion, arriving from all over the Nethrlands, Germany and Belgium,

displaying not only their local treasures, but also boasting a great selection

of most astonishing works of art from all over the world!


quality is the key word for the fair, much attention is paid to the

authenticity of the displayed objects. Many experts constantly keep their eye

on the exhibits, matching them to the strict criteria applied, and if anything

is found non-compliant with the standards, it is immediately removed from the

site – this inspires confidence among potential buyers and helps to retain the

high rank of the event. By the way, it is possible to accompany these vetting

experts and hear them talking on the subject of their examination by way of a

special tour (in Dutch) – free of charge, but limited to the number of 10

persons per one round. It is a unique opportunity to gain a deeper insight into

the profession of those responsible for the final composition of the fair.

The target group

To take

part in PAN Amsterdam as an exhibitor, you must be an art dealer or a

gallery-runner – and registered with the Chamber of Commerce for 3 years

minimum. However, the fair is open to spectators without any need for registration,

so the only criterion that matters in this case is your avocation for art.

After all, the event is not only about commerce, but it also provides a unique

opportunity to participate in free lectures on selected subjects, meet with

like-minded people, listen to many experienced collectors and curators talking

about their collections and travel through time with may astonishing unique

works of art from virtually every possible period.

Additional activities


Amsterdam also offers a guided tour (unfortunately only in Dutch) around PAN

(called “Rondje PAN” in Dutch) where you can learn more of the items featured

at the exhibition. It takes place every day of the fair at 13:00 and 14:00; the

ticket price is €5 per person and there is a limit of maximum 15 persons per

one group.


local attraction to be enjoyed is live music by a famous Amsterdam double bass

player by the name of Rene van Beeck accompanied by his musical friends. His

music is a great background for the exhibition, but if you wish to preview his

repertoire first, head to Café Brix (Mondays) or to Café Luxembourg (Fridays)

to hear and watch him play.

Getting to and inside the fair


Parkhal is located just outside Amsterdam RAI Station; you can get there via NS

train, tram 4 or bus 51 departing from Amsterdam Centraal.

The fair

takes place in hall 8 and is open every day from 11:00 to 19:00, with the

exception of 24 November (Thursday) and 1 December (Sunday), when it is open to


The fees for entrance are €15.00 per person,

€40.00 for a ‘passepartout’ (‘passkey’ or ‘passport’) per person (valid for the

entire fair), €7.50 for children from 12 to 18 and €12.50 per catalogue;

children under 12 accompanied by an adult are allowed to enter free of charge.