Smoke it Up in Style at the High Times Cannabis Cup

Smoke it Up in Style at the High Times Cannabis Cup


place in the world’s capital of marijuana smoking in the beautiful city of

Amsterdam, this highly acclaimed festival and competition offers you a chance

to test some of the best weed cultures offered on sale in the Netherlands and

beyond. The event transcends a simple “getting high” experience by

offering a mixture of live musical events, spiritual sessions, as well as a

trip to Amsterdam’s most authentic coffee shops before you head back to your

short stay apartment in the city.


yourselves in a large expo centre hearing a delightful music tune, smoking a

joint while walking around various stands offering you weed samples among a

large and friendly multicultural crowd. Although it may sound like a beautiful dream,

this ultimate fun and chilled experience occurs annually in the city of


Founded as

early as 1987, the High Times Cannabis Cup has fast become a world acclaimed annual

event gathering visitors from the earth’s four corners for a symbiotic mystical

experience. Over the past few years, the event has witnessed the participation

of over 2000 judges at each Cup alongside the masses of regular visitors

showing the high popularity of the competition.

Taking place in

the last week of November, this unique contest provides the chance for judges

to test, and vote on the best varieties of marijuana grown over the past year.

Becoming a judge requires an initial payment of €230, and in exchange it offers

an unlimited access to both sample smoking as well as actively deciding which

are the most appealing smoking products at the festival. The voting results are

generally seen to set the global standards for the best weed and hash products

so prestige is one of the key words of the contest.

The marijuana samples

present at the festival can both be smoked or consumed in other forms such as

through vaporisers or simply by eating a delicious cookie. In the end, the

effect counts, and is the one deciding on the quality of the grass.

The High Times

Cannabis Cup goes beyond a simple gathering of friendly weed smoking by

receiving each year an impressive line up of musical artists enchanting the

visitors with varied styles of music. Some of the musical stars who have played

here include Cypress Hill, Louis Armstrong, Jack Kerouac or Bob Dylan among

many others. In addition to musical concerts, the High Times Cannabis Cup also

features comedy shows as well as an exhibition of marijuana-related products

ranging from bongs to amusing hand crafted toys connected to the event’s main

theme. Various films and documentaries have been made on the scene with the

film “High Times Cannabis Cup” being released in 2007 marking the

festival’s twentieth anniversary, and being sold worldwide.

One of the most

special and highly popular activities includes a bus trip to various authentic

coffee shops throughout Amsterdam such as the multiple cup holders Green House

United, Barney’s or De Dampkring

Although the

competition revolves around the assessment of the quality of weed and hash,

various other prizes are being handed in different categories such as the best

product cup, the most imaginative and entertaining booth, or even the best

glass cup.

Starting in

2013, the event has been imported in America in line with the lenient regulations

in the states of Colorado and California thus exporting the competition across

borders. However, the main event not to be missed, and attracting a worldwide

audience remains the High Times Cannabis in Amsterdam.

For more info on the competition including a

large sample of photos, check the event’s main official website at