The Amstel river and its local gay scene

The Amstel river and its local gay scene

The Amstel’s gay scene is

surprisingly entertaining and surely an enjoyable alternative to the more

mainstream gay areas of Amsterdam. And a wonderful sight on the city river will

certainly touch the more romantic ones.

So, you have been in the Reguliersdwarsstraat to kick off the night,

you have been dancing and sweating the whole weekend in the most shocking

venues you ever put foot in, you have met new people and they took you to some

obscure basement disco in the Warmoestraat and now you are just trying to

recover from a well deserved hangover.

Then you probably think, not without a subtle dash of pride and

satisfaction, that in just one night you saw it all, you were in Amsterdam, and

now you have a lot of stuff to tell your friends as soon as you’re back home.

Wrong. You haven’t at all. Because it’s getting dark again and you

remember that, last night, someone told you something about a couple of pubs

you should definitely check out before you leave.

Few minutes later you find yourself drinking the first beer of the

evening at

Chez Rene (,

the perfect starting point for your “gay Amstel tour”. This cosy little pub

boasts a particular atmosphere, something in between a typical, loud, Dutch

boozer and a chic cocktail bar. The crowd is strictly gay, genuine and

easygoing, plus the prices for a happy hour are unimaginably affordable.

Amstel Fifty Four

 is a good alternative option to Chez Rene, worth a visit at least for its

peculiar blend of minimalism and old fashion design, but if you are willing to

dive into the loudest, craziest, busiest Dutch atmosphere, then you have to

check out the

Hot Spot, just few

blocks away. The first time I went to this pub I was amazed. The room was

packed, the music (strictly 80s, but it may surprisingly vary, I promise) was

loud and the people were even louder. Opened from 20:00 until 4:00, the Hot

Spot is perfect also for a cosy after disco.



hides in a quiet little alley that leads up to Rembrandtplein. This café often

organizes theme parties and special events, all aimed at getting you simply

wasted: the drinks are incredibly inexpensive and the staff kind and friendly.

The clientele is outrageously fun and easygoing, mainly over 30, but quite many

hip youngsters hang out here just before going to the ball.

And speaking of ballrooms, this area of the Amstel is home not only

to pubs and cafes. Get ready for another hangover, because the

AiR ( is just around the corner.

The ex IT, historical gay club of Amsterdam, now is a mixed crowd disco,

boasting an amazing agenda that will satisfy all the electronic music


Strictly homo is the


Roque (,

initially oozing a diverse rotation of DJs and now offering a more uniform,

defined line. Late evening happy hour, starting at midnight, and free entrance

every Wednesday and Thursday.

You see? No excuses at all. Right when you thought you saw it all,

you go to the Amstel and you’re ready to party again…