The Cat Cabinet (Katten Kabinet) – An alternative, charming museum which is a true paradise for cat lovers

The Cat Cabinet (Katten Kabinet) – An alternative, charming museum which is a true paradise for cat lovers


a prime position alongside Amsterdam’s magnificent Herengracht Canal, the Cat

Cabinet is a delightful museum which is dedicated to cats.  Offering an alternative look at the role of

the cat throughout history from an artistic point of view, this fascinating

place is a must see for lovers of our feline friends.


situated within the popular central Canal Belt, upon the banks of the

picturesque Herengracht Canal and within one of the wealthiest parts of the

city, this endearing museum offers a refreshing change to the famous, more

renowned museums that Amsterdam boasts. Founded

in 1990, the Cat Cabinet is set within an impressive, traditional building

which has a history all of its own. The

house dates back to the 1600s when it was the residence of Willem van Loon, a

local businessman who was the co-founder of the Dutch East India Company. Since then, the house has been occupied with

several high profile figures, including the Mayor of Amsterdam and John Adams,

the former American President.


Meijer, the founder of the museum, decided to create the Cat Cabinet to

commemorate his own much loved cat J P Morgan and soon built up a substantial

collection of paintings, sculptures and drawings of cats which can all be

viewed within the museum’s five rooms. The

rooms are located across one floor of the building, whilst Meijer lives on the

upper floor. The first room, known as

the Ball Room, is a spacious room which is decorated with fine art, together

with striking architecture and classical furnishings. The next room is the Green Room, possibly named

this because of its authentic, green décor.

Here you will find a collection of unique, ornamental cats and beautiful



Mechelen Room is simply stunning and boasts remarkable, sculptured panelled

walls which are adorned with attractive paintings from a variety of well-known

artists, including one by the fantastic artist Pablo Picasso. The fabulous Music Room, which features a

superb, grand piano, showcases yet more examples of fine works of art. The last of the five rooms is the J P Morgan

Memorial Room, which exhibits a variety of pieces dedicated to Meijer’s

inspirational cat. One iconic piece is

the American dollar bill, which was designed by Aart Clerkz for J P Morgan’s 15th

birthday, and features the cat’s portrait in the space where the American president

would usually be.

This quirky museum is definitely worthy of a

visit, not just from cat lovers but by those who also appreciate quality

art. Cat lovers will be pleased to learn

that the museum does have feline residents, which can

often be seen roaming around. It is open

daily throughout the year and tickets are an affordable price. The museum is within easy reach of Amsterdam

city centre and can be accessed either on foot or by taking a tram from the

city’s Centraal Station. More

information, including opening hours, can be found on the Cat Cabinet’s

website, which is also home to a web shop allowing you to purchase a range of

items including posters and gifts –