The Gay Zeedijk

Amsterdam’s China Town is well known for its impressive offer of exotic eateries and for being home to an incredibly beautiful Buddhist temple, but its fame is also given by the presence, in the suggestive Zeedijk, of a number of gay and gay-friendly venues.

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The Begijnhof is one of those really rare sights to see, especially given the ever-developing modern metropolitan setting of Amsterdam. It is one of the oldest inner courts in the city – and the only remaining one, for that matter. Once you’re there you’ll come across a range of breathtaking 14th-century typical Dutch buildings; they are private houses in vast majority – still occupied today, so you have to remember to respect the privacy of the residents although the entry itself is free. Apart from that, the place is also a home to the English Reformed Church, so you can expect to see daily masses, weddings and baptism ceremonies taking place.

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House of Bols

To say that a visit to the fabulous House of Bols is something truly special is a great understatement. This place won the prestigious Dutch Design Award for Best Exhibition and Experience of 2007, thus proving that it is well-able to bring the best of both worlds – the past – rich in history and tradition, and the present – abounding with innovation and state-of-the-art ideas. This place is not only a museum or an exhibition, it is an interactive experience aimed at stimulating all of your senses, with the main theme of bright and colorful drinks and bartending. As you can imagine, the fun is addressed at 18+ audience, so make sure to have your ID with you to make you able to discover the amazing world of vivid colors, intense fragrances and remarkable tastes!

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Dutch fast food favourites

The Dutch are huge fans of deep fried food and love a trip to a ‘snackbar’ on most days. Snackbars sell the nations favourite fast foods and you can also get a lot of the most loved quick fixes on the streets thanks to the many street venders all over Amsterdam. So get your fingers dirty while on your leisure or business short stay and try out some of the nation’s favourite snacks.

Eating fast and on the go – Amsterdam’s ‘fast food’ favourites

Many short stays in Amsterdam involve daily leisure outings, shopping, site seeing and business meetings or presentations so there isn’t always time to have a long sit down meal. We’ve rounded up a few of the best places to get a good meal or snack to fill that empty hole in your stomach so that you can quickly get back to your day.

Exploring De Wallen and its Wild Parts – The Red Light District Tour

If you ever felt intrigued and curious about Amsterdam's most controversial neighbourhood which equates to many as a haven for sex, drugs, and hardcore partying, here is your chance to join one of the long established guided tours of the area. Experienced Amsterdam guides will give you a thorough overview of the best places to see in the Red Light District neighbourhood ranging from sex theatres to coffee shops, jazz places while quickly getting you acquainted to many of the old stories of this mysterious and inviting place.

Amsterdam, everyone’s city

One of Europe’s most visited capitals Amsterdam isn’t just about the red lights and the smoke-filled cafes. Its relaxed atmosphere, the cultural history and varied activities on offer make it a desirable city amongst all age groups while the quality of its offerings keep people coming back for more and are also attracting many new visitors every year.

RAI Amsterdam

Select an option from the set of our Amsterdam apartments and stay in the charming area of Zuideramstel with close access to the fantastic RAI Centre.

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Hortus Botanicus – Amsterdam’s answer to botanical bliss

Experience tranquil surroundings in the heart of the busy city centre. Located in the Plantage district Hortus Botanicus is a great outing for all ages and includes a three-climate greenhouse and a butterfly greenhouse. For a more impressive and picture perfect outing we recommend a summer visit when the garden is in full bloom.

Rembrandt House Museum – Go back in time with Rembrandt

Step back into history and experience how Rembrandt and 17th century Amsterdam lived. See Rembrandt’s paintings, drawings and etchings and watch how he mixed his paints and made his etchings. Located in the old city centre this is a reconstruction of the famous Dutch painters house and not the place to see his masterpieces. All in all it makes an interesting and educational outing for all ages.